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Welcome to the connection speed test website

What is the purpose of this website?

You can use this website to measure the speed of your internet connection and test connection speed for free. Online activities like Network Gaming, VoIP Calling and Video Streaming require a consistent and stable speed/bandwidth and internet speed,  to avoid any hassle with and to have a smooth online experience you should be regularly checking your internet speed


This speed test works for all types of connections, be you on Cable, DSL or a dialup connections the speed of your internet connection will be measured accurately and precisely, you can also test your wifi, wimax or 3G/GPRS  and mobile connection speed

Click to start the speed test now


*The speed test will take a few minutes depending on your 'speed' In order to get an accurate reading, kindly stop or close other applications (like torrents and file downloader's) and browser Windows transferring data from Internet

We also suggest that you bookmark this page and  test the internet connection speed at different times of the day to gauge a more accurate picture of your download speed and any problems which your network or the ISP might be facing.

This internet speed test works by downloading a file from our servers to your computer, the time taken by you to download the files is used to calculate your internet connection speed. we do not require any flash or java support for this so you can also safely run this speed test using your mobile or smart phone browser. All kind of mobile browsers including Nokia Symbian browser, Opera mini, Opera for Mobile, iPhone Safari and BlackBerry Browser are supported

Only download speed test is available at the moment, we do not test your latency or ping speeds



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